Cyndi has been presenting for 20 years.  Topics have included harm reduction, alcohol moderation, substance use disorders, dual diagnosis treatment, emotional indulgence, and mental health. She offers keynote, 90 minute, half and full day trainings. Cyndi and her business partner, Craig James, are sought after trainers at national addiction treatment and mental health conferences where continuing education units are offered.

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About the Book

Morgan James’s new release, Can I Keep Drinking? How You Can Decide When Enough is Enough by Cyndi Turner sheds new light on recovery for those struggling with alcohol.

Everyone knows the Alcoholics Anonymous scene made cliché by Hollywood. Failure seems to be just as systematic as folding chairs and circle-sitting in a community center gymnasium. In reality, ninety percent of treatment programs that address alcohol use disorders require total abstinence. This is only necessary for six percent of the population.

Alcohol is a part of life and is a large component of merrymaking in society. This, coupled with the inundation of its dangers has created a lot of confusion leading a lot of people to ask, “Do I have a problem?” The spectrum of alcohol use isn’t as black and white as it may seem. There are ninety million drinkers experiencing problems in America, but they are not all alcoholics who need to give up drinking completely. Cyndi Turner provides a refreshingly moderate look at alcohol use. Can I Keep Drinking? helps many craft a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Interview Questions

  1. What was the inspiration for Can I Keep Drinking? How You Can Decide When Enough is Enough?
  2. Why did you write The Clinician’s Guide to Alcohol Moderation: Alternative Methods and Management Strategies?
  3. Who is Practicing Alcohol Moderation: A Comprehensive Workbook for?
  4. In your presentations, I hear you hand out water, donuts, cucumbers, and pickles. What is this about?
  5. I thought if you drank too much you were an alcoholic. Is that not the case?
  6. Tell me about the Alcohol Moderation Assessment.
  7. What are some alcohol moderation tools?
  8. How do you know if you are being successful with moderation?
  9. How is the treatment community responding?
  10. Why are your clients getting better?
  11. Can moderation apply to other substances or behaviors?
  12. Are you in recovery?
  13. Where can I get your books?
  14. What other resources do you recommend?
  15. Where can you find a Moderation Friendly therapist?

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